Man Charged With Stealing Expensive Grain And Dog Food From Memphis Business

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(Marshall Co., MS) A Marshall County, Mississippi man is behind bars accused of stealing almost $40,000 worth of seed and dog food from the Memphis company where he worked.

Jason Pasco is charged with felony theft after bags of expensive corn and dog food came up missing from Seeds, Inc. on President's Island.

Major Kelly McMillen showed News Channel 3 photos of stolen items recovered in a storage container on Cothern Road north of Holly Springs.

"That shows the Pioneer hybrid corn. That's real expensive stuff right there."

Bags of expensive corn seed, garden seed and dog food McMillen said was taken from a seed company on Presidents Island in Memphis.

"We located approximately 35 bags of the stolen property that was taken from the seed company."

We're told it's only a portion of what 35-year-old Pasco is accused of stealing earlier this year.

Pasco is accused of taking almost $40,000 worth of items while he was working at Seeds, Inc.

"He was actually stealing the product and bringing here and selling to a bunch of individuals in Marshall County."

Major McMillen said a worker spotted Pasco with a truck load of grain and dog food and alerted the boss, because Pasco wasn't a deliveryman.

The owner called the Marshall County Sheriff's Department.

"He was just basically begging for help to try to either recover some of his property or to get the individual in jail that was responsible for stealing his property."

McMillen says Pasco was selling the seed and dog food off the back of his truck, but cooperated with authorities and led them to a storage container holding what was left.

McMillen said Marshall County investigators put the pieces of the seed-theft puzzle to together and gave Memphis Police more than enough to arrest Pasco.

"And they were able to get an arrest warrant from what we had recovered, the statements we had gathered and the information we basically put together here and sent to them. They were able to make a case on him."

Pasco is being held at the CJC under a $40,000 bond.