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Germantown Red Light Cameras Out Of Operation Since Last Year

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(Germantown, TN) There are plenty of red light cameras at Germantown and WolfRiver Boulevard, but the cameras aren't even rolling.

Cameras at three different Germantown intersections have been idle since last October.

Police say the ones at Poplar-Germantown and Poplar-West Street were actually removed because of construction, and replaced with traffic sensors.

"I didn't know. I don't ever pay attention. I just drive the truck," said Bryce Williams, who regularly drives through Germantown for his job.

When the city contract with the company operating the cameras ran out, it wasn't renewed.

Germantown is considering bids from other companies, and police say the cameras reduce accidents.

Chris Roberts has gotten two tickets from red light cameras.

"There was another car and it was green for me. Before that other car came, it turned red. I had to turn left and it took my picture," Roberts said.

"That was just another way for them to take some more money, add money into the system and it's not gonna come out for the people," Christopher Freeman of Olive Branch said.

Several cities have pulled the cameras after problems with the timing sensor.

News Channel 3  recently showed you how the wrong vehicle was ticketed by those operating the Memphis red light camera system.

Germantown police say they ran their system differently, with one person on staff dedicated to reviewing all video and making sure the citations were valid. They say there were few complaints.

It's likely the cameras will once again be rolling in Germantown and watching what you do on red.

No word on exactly when the Germantown red light cameras will be revamped.

City leaders still have to give their approval and provide the funding.