More Victims Emerge In Insurance Scam

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(Memphis) Sixty-one-year-old Jerry Gardner is behind bars, facing theft and fraud charges after MPD said he took money from a Memphis woman for a life insurance policy and then pocketed the cash.

The family of Shannon Boyland reported Gardner to police last month after Boyland passed away and the family tried to collect on the policy to pay for the funeral.

But others say they were also victims.

“We did pay cash on a monthly basis for about two years and then we went to paying for a complete year lump sum every year,” said Tiffanie Joiner.

Joiner and her husband have paid Gardner since 2004, according to documents.

“I would say around March when I went through my bank statement and noticed that three different companies were taking money out of our account,” said Joiner, who didn’t recognize any of the companies.

She said she called Gardner but he never returned calls.

And she called the insurance companies and was told “they have not heard of Jerry Gardner. Jerry Gardner has not work for their insurance company.”

Joiner said the bank told her the drafts from her account were authorized by her husband.

"With the paperwork that the bank has given back to us, we noticed that his signature was forged."

“If I go back and actually put a dollar amount of how much he has actually taken from my family I would not want to know how much it is because it would hurt my feelings and totally crush me,” said Joiner.

Gardner is locked up on a $2,000 bond. Joiner said she has filed a report with MPD.