Ex-Boyfriend Kills Woman, Then Turns Gun On Himself

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(Hickory Flat,MS) A knock on the door changed several lives, once again bringing to light the terrible problem of domestic violence.

A murder-suicide has a father grieving for his daughter, who he says was shot by her ex-boyfriend, who then killed himself.

The tragedy unfolded in the small town of Hickory Flat, Miss., and the details show how an already stormy relationship spiraled out of control.

David Massey is planning his daughter's funeral.

"I gotta bury my baby. Ain't nothing else I can do. He killed hisself too. I can't retaliate cause he dead."

Massey is filled with pain and anger after his 21-year-old daughter, Bretta Keria Bennett,  was murdered.

It happened at the front door of Massey's mobile home on Mckay road in Hickory Flat.

Massey said Keria was shot by her ex-boyfriend when he showed up with a pistol.

"And she opened the door and he shot her, once or twice, in the chest. And she fell right there."

Massey tells us his daughter's ex-boyfriend is called G.I. and that after he shot Keria, he put the pistol to his head, pulled the trigger, and died on the front porch.

He'll never forget his daughter's plea for help.

"She said, 'Daddy, I'm shot. Daddy, I'm shot.'

Family and friends say the two had a stormy relationship and the ex-boyfriend was harassing Keria and even tried to get her fired from her job in Olive Branch.

She moved back in with her father to get away from him.

Kristian Cook is Keria's cousin. She said Keria was trying to put her relationship with G.I. behind her and get her life back together.

"And she said that she was finally getting back in touch with God."

Cook remembers Keria getting an odd text from her ex-boyfriend during dinner, a few hours before she was shot and killed.

"And it said, 'Congratulations, you won. Soon this will all be a memory.' And we just laughed it off we didn't think nothing of it."

Kristian Cook, who lives a short distance from Massey's mobile home, ran to help when she heard about the shooting, but it was too late.

"I was trying to do CPR. And she just twitched one last time. And when she did, she was gone."

We were told the man who shot Bennett was from Holly Springs.

But the Benton County Sheriff's Department, which is investigating the murder-suicide, has not officially released the name of the dead man.