Teenage Victim Escapes From Accused Serial Burglar

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A teenager escaped from an accused serial burglar who police say is dangerous.

Shaniqua Irby described the scary moments of how she got away from the man police describe as a dangerous criminal.

"It felt like thumps on the back of the wall where I was standing in my closet," she said.

The knock echoed through Irby's Hickory Hill apartment.

A scary sound for a 17-year-old who was home alone, battling a painful episode caused by sickle cell anemia.

Police say Eddie Newsom was on the other side of the door.

They say he's a violent criminal.

"He was coming in through patio door that was all the way in the back of the house," Irby said.

But Irby got away.  She sneaked out the front and called police.

"I started feeling fear. I was really nervous," she said.

Police say Newsom is connected to more than 15 serious crimes in the Hickory Hill community.

The last burglary, they say he assaulted and injured the resident.

"To think that somebody could come in your house when you are in there. I am glad they caught him," neighbor Gladis Gladney said.

Police say Irby was a huge help in catching Newsom, man they've been on the hunt for for quite some time.

"It makes me feel like a hero," said Irby. "I felt good I helped stop a lot of crime. When I was down there, I did hear that he did a lot of other crimes. I felt good knowing the someone else would not be his next victim."

Police say Newsom did trying running from police but didn't get far.

Newsom will also be charged with evading arrest.