New Stronger Flu Vaccine Will Be In Short Supply

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A yearly ritual for many Mid-South families.

Doctors recommend flu shots for everyone over six months old.

This year's new vaccine is said to protect people against more strains of the flu.

The quadrivalent vaccine, or one that fights four strains of the flu, will be in short supply.

"It will have two A strains and two B strains," says Helen Morrow with the Shelby County Health Department. "There is still the trivalent available, because the manufacturers haven't been able to switch over to the quadrivalent this year."

Health officials are not sure when the Mid-South will be getting the four-strain flu vaccine or how many doses they'll get, but they say it will become standard next season.

The flu kills 36,000 Americans a year and 79 children died from the B strain.

No word if this season will be like last year.

"I would encourage people to get their vaccine early. Before all the activities Before football season," Morrow says.

All nasal flu vaccines come with four-strain protection.

As for the shot, you have to ask for it.

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