MPD Investigates Shooting at Evans Elementary School

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(Memphis) Neighbors in Parkway Village watched in horror as police investigated a playground behind Evans Elementary Sunday afternoon. Here, where many kids come to innocently play, a 14-year-old boy was shot.

“He was just lying on the ground with a thing tied around him,” said 15-year-old Deanna Conrad who lives across the street. She rushed over after the shooting to bring the 14-year-old victim water.

They've been friends since third grade.

“He couldn't say anything; he was just lying in the ground.  You could tell he was just hurt, all the way hurt. His face was just tight and he was just holding himself,” said Conrad.

Conrad says the 14-year-old and a handful of other kids were playing around with a gun, when it went off. A bullet struck the Wooddale High Sophomore in the side.

“He said it was an accident, so I guess it was an accident,” said Conrad.

Hours later, someone from the school came by and locked up the playground, they aren't the only ones keeping kids out of the playground.  A lot of parents say they won't allow their kids to play on this playground again.

“We just going to have to find another park for her to go to,” said neighbor Donna Peterson.

Peterson took one look at what medics left behind, she turned to her 10-year-old daughter and said, “What if you were up here playing? She could have been victim,” said Peterson.

Peterson is thankful it wasn't her daughter.

“What do you tell her about guns?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“If you over a kids house and they playing with gun, get up and go,” replied Peterson.

Deanna agrees.

“Just don't play with a gun. Especially if you don't got it in safety mode. You shouldn't play them anyways,” said Conrad.

There’s no word yet if anyone will face charges for the shooting.

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