Women Twerk For Chance At $50K Scholarship

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(Memphis) Memphis rapper Juicy J is asking ladies to twerk for a $50,000 scholarship.

The contest started when he sent out a tweet saying he'd hand over a scholarship to a woman who can best display the dance move.

The contest is creating outrage, with some saying it's degrading to women.

Juicy J says he's "giving away $50,000 scholarship."

Since deleting his tweet asking ladies to twerk for $50,000, Juicy J changed the rules slightly.

He is asking ladies to "make sure you share your videos on Facebook and Twitter."

The twerking part is no longer a requirement, but it's not stopping high school and college ladies across the country from shaking it and posting their videos all over the web.

Some of the most viewed and most popular videos so far in the contest are of women doing the dance move.

University of Memphis student Penny Phillips plans on twerking when she enters.

Phillips says she needs a college scholarship.

But some people are concerned that when high school students post the videos to the web, the videos will come back later in life and haunt them.

"Facebook haunts people today. They just will put anything up on Facebook," says critic Shaunell Chears.

"I think that's about two years of our law school. There are a lot of people who I know that could use that money. That have kids or have jobs or don't have parents to take of them. I think that would be more of a qualification," says University of Memphis student Andrew Puryear.

No word on when the rapper will choose a winner or when he'll no longer take entries.

Phillips says she thinks thousands will enter. She says $50,000 is something she and her friends can't resist.

"Even if you can't twerk, I think everybody will do it," Phillps says. "Ask anybody. Would you do it? Would you twerk for $50,000?"

For more on the contest: http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh5CwNxnT588X9QOhJ