Mid-South Walgreens Customers Watching Receipts

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(Memphis) A civil lawsuit is filed against Walgreens claiming it uses deceptive and misleading advertising to take advantage of the sick and elderly. The lawsuit was filed by Missouri’s state attorney general. Investigators say they purchased 200 items and in 43 of the times the price they paid at the counter was higher than was advertised on the shelf. The lawsuit is getting the attention of customers here in the mid-south.

Walgreens advertises they’re at the corner of happy and healthy but the attorney general in Missouri says some of what they advertise just isn’t true starting with their prices. We asked Memphis customers how closely they watched their receipts.

“Well actually, maybe not close enough,” said Bill Felchner, Memphis.

The On Your Side Investigators went to a mid-south Walgreens to see for ourselves. We snapped pictures of shelf labels. Sometimes the tags were a little confusing. Other times you had to read them closely because you got the cheaper price only if you bought two items. We bought four items. We compared the receipt prices to the labels on the shelves. We were not overcharged. What we did is what the Director of Tennessee Consumer Affairs says we should all do.

“Anytime whether it’s Walgreens or wherever you’re dealing with, when you get a receipt review that receipt before you leave the establishment,” said Gary Cordell, TN Consumer Affairs.

Walgreens disagrees with the lawsuit but says it will address appropriate concerns. Meanwhile, customers will take matters into their own hands.

“I think that it’s not just a fault of Walgreens. It’s also the fault of the consumer to be cautious of what you’re buying and making sure you are looking at the correct price,” said Zoe Jackson, Memphis.