Convicted Killer Captured

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(St. Francis Co., AR) A convicted killer who had been on the loose is now in custody.

Anthony Millbrooks pleaded guilty to a 2010 murder in St. Francis Co earlier this month.

A judge let him out of jail after the plea, but told him to return last Thursday to begin his 22-year prison sentence.

Millbrooks did not come back.

In 2010, authorities say Milbrooks and two of his friends drove by a house, shot it up and murdered a 50-year-old man in his driveway.

Before sentencing, for some reason, the judge let Millbrooks out of jail to get his affairs in order.

Millbrooks was supposed to report back August 22, but did not show up.

The court has issued a million dollar bench warrant for Mr. Millbrooks.

Judge LT Simes would not explain to News Channel 3 why he made this decision.