Two In Custody After Shooting Near Convenience Store

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Update 9/27/2013- Two men have been arrested for a shooting near a Lamar Avenue convenience store while a third man is still being sought.

Brashard Gibbs and Carlos Key are in custody.

Police are still looking for 28-year-old Deredious Otis.

Gibbs and Key faces five counts of Criminal Attempt First Degree Murder

(Memphis) Three people were shot near a convenience store in Orange Mound late Wednesday afternoon.

A 51-year-old person died and two others, a 21-year-old anda 60-year-old, were taken to the hospital in non-critical condition, according to MPD.

“It sounded off like a war everyone took off running,” witness Randy Norris said.

Norris was standing near a convenience store on Lamar when he saw a maroon vehicle drive along Barron Avenue, then the men inside pointed firearms out the window and bullets started flying.

“I say about 19 shots,” he said.

“I had to duck," he added. "Everyone ran. All those gunshots, you had to run.”

Police have not said which one of three men was the shooter’s target.

Norris said he always sees the 60-year-old at the car wash.

“He washes cars,” Norris said. “Just trying to make some money, and he got shot in the arm.”

This is the second murder in just two weeks, and people in this Orange Mound community said they are fed up with the violence.

“Car comes down and just got to shooting, don't make sense,” Norris said.

“Hearing three people got shot, it’s just regular,” Roderick Bowden said. “It goes on in the neighborhood now, you know a lot of gang activity, lots of stuff happening.”

Authorities are asking for the public's help finding the suspects.

“We encourage the public with any information to please call Crimestoppers,” MPD's Major Kedzi White said.