Facebook Spying and Chickenpox Parties?

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A California School District has actually hired a company to monitor their students' Facebook pages.

They hope it will help them catch potential problems, before they play out on campus.

Is this too big brotherish or just what things have come to?

What would you think if it was your student being spied on?

Speaking of Facebook, Dr. Keith Ablow, opinion columnist for FOX News, says the social networking site should come with a warning from the surgeon general.

Kind of like what's on cigarettes.

He says the site has been linked to numerous health problems like depression and insomnia.

Would you send your child to a chicken pox party?

Doctors are worried about the trend.

Parents purposely expose their children to the virus, to get it over with!

Sound crazy, or do you sort of "get it”?

Here today are Bev Johnson from WDIA, AM 1070, Danni Bruns with 98.1 The Max and our own Todd Demers.









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