DeSoto Man Recovering From Tragic Fall

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(Memphis) A DeSoto County man is recovering after falling 45 feet over a balcony and onto the escalator below.

“He's critical but stable; he's still in a breathing machine. He's conscious but he's in and out at this point,” said Tara Taylor about her husband Jason.

Jason fell three weeks ago, while in California on business.

He has a long list of injuries including broken ribs, fractured vertebrae.

“It's going to be a very long road. I couldn't even tell you how many broken bones, pretty much the while entire left side of his body has been broken,” explained Tara.

Tara flew from Memphis to California to be by her husband’s side.

She left behind her support system in the Mid-South, including two young daughters who are now being cared for by her mother.

“From what they saw on the surveillance video he was walking out heading towards escalators. They don't know if he was leaving or going to make a call and he tripped and stumbled over the balcony.”

Now the family wants to be together.

“We are hoping to take an angel flight which is basically a big jet that is set up like an ICU to be transported to The MED in Memphis,” explained Tara.

But the flight cost $25,000, which is not covered by insurance.

That, along with medical bills is the reason that friends have set up and

There is also a fundraiser set up:

Generation Bar & Grill Dart Blackout Tournament for Jason Taylor:

Dart blackout tournament on Saturday, September 21, 2013, starting at 4pm. This is a benefit tournament $10 entry, half will go to the pot half will go to Jason Taylor, part of the Dart family! $1 high out and $1 mystery out we will have a 50/50 drawing, raffles, auctions and other prizes! All money raised will go to Jason to help cover his quickly rising medical bills.

Generation Bar & Grill

8545 Hwy 51 North, Southaven, Mississippi