Midtown Store Owner Shot and Killed

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(Memphis) Yusuf Ali's family and friends rushed to his Summer Ave store Sunday morning. They all got a phone call saying the Midtown convenience store owner had been shot to death.

“A customer found the clerk behind the counter,” said Lt. Col. Wardell Smith with the Memphis Police Department.

Police say inside the store it looks like a robbery could have taken place, but they aren't sure. Right now, investigators are looking at surveillance video.

Friends are remembering a man who always took care of his community. Adel Hassouneh knew Ali for more than a decade.

“I knew him through the mosque where we pray together. He was very nice gentleman, always looking out for the poor people to help,” said Hassouneh

Mohammad Aljafari feels not just grief, but also frustration in Ali's murder.

“I don't know who is next, maybe me, maybe him, somebody, we don`t know,” said Aljafari.

Aljafari says too many of his friends have been killed working in their own stores.

“It’s 10 to 15 people a year from the grocery store and gas station, somebody come in and shoot you and leave,” expressed Aljafari.

It's a fear he has every day.

“When I leave my home in the morning, I'm not sure If I come back to my kids,” said Aljafari.

Friends say before he was killed, Ali feared the same thing.

“The day before yesterday he was talking to one of my friends and told them to be careful. It’s unfortunate this would happen to him,” said Adil Hawasha.

“If you have this fear, why do you stay in the business?” asked News Channel 3.

“Show me another business; I go tomorrow tell me, I'll go. When you have four or five kids you have to pay for it,” said Aljafari.

That's exactly what Ali was doing.He was a father of three young children. He owned and worked in his 24-hour store for about 10 years.

Now his friends say it's up to them to help Ali's kids.

“I just pray to Allah to bless his soul and bless him,” said Hassouneh.

Anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers at 528-CASH.