Memorial Service For Family Killed In Crump Cop Crash

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(Memphis) Almost a year after a fatal car crash kills his teenage daughter and her mother, a father returns to the scene to remember them. Michael Ross missed their funerals because he was in the hospital fighting for his own life after the car they were in was hit by a Memphis police officer.

Ross said, “My family was dead and buried almost a month before I even knew it. “

Ross along with family and friends came back to the intersection where Delores Jean Epps and her daughter, Mackala, lost their lives.

A short service marked the one year anniversary of the crash where a Memphis police officer was speeding 94 miles an hour down Crump Avenue without his siren and blue lights on.

“I remember me and my baby and her mother talking and we were talking about something and the light turned green and I took off. That’s it. That’s the last thing I remembered,” said Ross.

The officer, Alex Beard, has since resigned from the police department and after months was finally charged with vehicular homicide. He says he isn’t guilty because Ross turned in front of him. However, Ross contends Beard is guilty and says because of Beard’s ties to law enforcement he’s gotten special treatment from the beginning.

“I was in the hospital on my death-bed and the Memphis city police came in there with a court order to get my blood from a dead man almost and they never took blood from Alex Beard,” said Ross.

Ross and the other family members pray for healing and justice.

“I want to keep it in the public eye to let them know they didn’t run over a dog or cat. They killed some people. They killed some people. They killed my family and I’m going to fight until the end to make sure I get justice,” said Ross.

Officer Alex Beard will be back in court Tuesday. Michael Ross and his family say they’ll be there, also.