Man Accused of Running Over Ex-Girlfriend And Crashing Into An Apartment

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(Memphis) Police say a man ran over his ex- girlfriend twice, crashed into a man's apartment, and took down two stairwells in the process.

It happened at the Highland Meadow Apartments around 12:30 p.m. Saturday off Airways.

"I was lying on the bed facing the television watching TV and all of a sudden an SUV comes through my wall,” Trevino Henderson said. “It knocked me into the wall into the dresser over here hurt me bad.”

His little girl had just said "I love you" and walked out of the room when the car crashed into the room.

“Sounded like a plane was coming out the sky a big boom,” he said.

The impact flung a 250 pound headboard across the room.

“Like it was a piece of paper,” he said.

Police say he was just caught in the middle of a violent domestic disturbance. Before the car crashed into his apartment police say the man driving the car ran over his ex-girlfriend.

While chasing her he hit Henderson’s apartment before taking off into a breezeway where he hit her again.

He left her in critical condition and took out two stairwells in the process. The man then drove out of the complex, but witnesses say he came back.

“I think he came back with a gun to finish her off,” he said.

Police were waiting for him at the gate. He took off, but they caught up with him about a mile away.

His car was clearly damaged.

“You've got to be crazy to do something like that,” Henderson said.

Police identified the man as Danielle Rush. He was booked into jail on several charges including criminal attempted second degree murder.

“Thank you Jesus they caught him,” Henderson said.

Henderson is now left to clean up a big mess, but says he’s just thankful he survived.

“It`s a blessing that I’m still alive today,” he said.