Police Search For Suspected Memphis Shooter

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(Memphis) Imagine minding your own business, walking out to your car after visiting family - and you're shot in the process.

That’s exactly what happened to an East Memphis man who tried to wrestle the gun away from his attacker.

The victim says the suspect jumped out of the bushes and pointed a gun at him, demanding money.

He didn’t give him any; instead, he wrestled with the man, trying to get the gun away from him.

That’s when the gun went off and shot him in the leg.

Robert Guise is in a lot of pain, but thankful for his life after a visit with his mother and brother at the Willow Cove Apartments.

He was walking out to his car just before midnight when he was attacked.

“The guy jumped out of the dark and put a gun to me and said give it to me. I raised my hands up,” said Guise.

Guise says he then grabbed the gun and wrestled with the would-be robber, and the gun went off shooting him in the leg.

The tattoo artist says he’s known to have a lot of cash on him, but he doesn’t think he was targeted.

“Stuff happens that we can’t control and no matter what happens we still gotta live our lives. You know what I’m saying,” said Guise.

Guise’s had put a tattoo on his buddy Jarron Isaac, so he wanted to go check on his friend when he heard the police.

“I heard the sirens and I came out looking and I walked over to him to make sure he was straight and stuff, and he was all right,” said Isaac.

Both Guise and Isaac know the shooting could have turned out a lot worse, and it’s a wake-up call.

“It’s crazy. You just gotta be more careful. That’s all. We know where we’re living so we’ve just got to be more careful,” said Isaac.

If you know anything about what happened, you should call CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH.