85-Year-Old Beaten, Robbed In His Own Home

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Just about everyone in Pine Lake Mobile Estates knows Roy Morrison.

“Mr. Roy is the best man you’ll ever meet,” he said.

He owns just about every home in the subdivision.

“He comes to our house every day. I love him to death,” Ernestine Harvey said.

Wednesday, Morrison didn't stop by her home.

Investigators say just after the sun came up Wednesday, four men knocked on the 85-year-old’s door.

“They pushed their way inside and he was struck over the head with some type of blunt object,” Fayette County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Ray Garcia said.

They tied him up with a phone cord and robbed him.

The suspects then took an unknown amount of cash.

They left Morrison on the floor, tied up.

He stayed that way for 24 hours until his son found him.

“I’m pretty sure if his son wouldn't have came he would have been left for dead,” Morrison’s tenant Charlie Lewis said.

“I don't know why they did that to him," Harvey said.

Investigators have an idea.

They believe since it's common knowledge the 85-year-old is a landlord people who knew had cash.

“Someone saw what they pictured as an easy target based on his age and based upon the fact that he would have a certain amount of cash on him, being that he deals with rental property, they exploited that,” Garcia said.

Morrison is now recovering in the hospital with several bumps and bruises. Meanwhile investigators are working to hunt down the four men who put him there.

Investigators have little to go on and are pleading for the public’s help in getting them behind bars.