Mayor Details New Rental Policy

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(Southaven, MS) After getting an earful from neighbors, constituents and the media, Southaven Alderman Shirley Beshears says she’s glad the city finally has a new building rental policy.

”I’m happy about getting this done to stop the crime."

Aldermen passed a plan Tuesday night, weeks after shootings at the Southaven Tennis Center and a beating at the Performing Arts Complex, both of which had been rented out for special events.

Mayor Darren Musselwhite says the biggest change is an increase in fees, which in some cases, double, and a full security review.

”The plans have to be reviewed by the Southaven Police Department, make sure security measures are approved by Southaven Police Department."

Aldermen voted to pull the gym at the Performing Arts Complex from rental altogether.

Beshears adds there’s a new policy involving alcohol too.

”If you plan to have alcohol at your function you have to come before the board. You’re not just given a blanket policy to rent our buildings."

The mayor said it was important for aldermen to take their time on this issue in spite of pressures from outside the board.

”We wanted to make sure we didn’t have a knee-jerk reaction and shut the facilities down because you don’t want to penalize everyone for a small percentage of the problem."

He said he believes it will be a long time before we hear again about violence at a Southaven City complex.