Family Angry After Discovering Scam

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(Memphis) Eric Boyland is grieving after the death of his mother Shannon Boyland over the weekend.

He's also angry after learning the life insurance policy she paid into for more than 15 years doesn’t seem to exist.

“I really believe at this point he is preying on a whole lot of older people,” said Boyland about the insurance agent, Jerry Gardner, that picked up payments from his mother’s home.

Eric has receipts showing his mother paid Gardner $146 a month, and that her policy is worth at least $5,000, which they wanted to assist in paying for her funeral.

But Eric said when he talked with Gardner, all he got was excuses and the run-around.

“At that point he got up, stormed out the house, he said, 'I’ll just be back Monday at the funeral home,'” said Eric.

On Wednesday News Channel 3 called Gardner, who hung up on us.

We were also there when he called a family member with a threat.

“So there is no sense in me trying to give them $5,000 if Channel 3 still going to talk about it,” said Gardner.

We checked and Gardner doesn’t have a license in Tennessee.

We called the three companies on the paperwork.

Two didn't have a record of him.

Boyland’s family has yet to receive any money and they don’t think they will.

They’ve called MPD to report the crime.

And now Eric is warning others who might’ve trusted Gardner.

“I would say look into it today, don’t wait until tomorrow.”

If you think you’ve been scammed by Gardner, email