Horn Lake Investigates Apparent Drug-Related Murder

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(Horn Lake, MS) Mississippi Bureau of investigation technicians say they’re leaving no clue undiscovered in Horn Lake’s first murder of the year.

It happened in the quiet Twin Lakes Neighborhood at about 6:30 Sunday night.

"They were reporting a suspicious vehicle. When we got out there checking and there was a man in a vehicle. He was unresponsive. It was later determined he had been shot,” Horn Lake Police Chief Darryl Whaley said.

He added that within hours, his detectives and others identified four suspects, aged 15 to 18, and arrested them all last night and this morning.

He said he can’t identify them or the victim right now, due to the ongoing investigation.

But he did say there’s every indication this murder started with a drug deal that didn’t work out.

Witnesses seem to back that up.

Neighbors say whatever happened at the neighborhood intersection happened pretty quickly.

One man said he went out to run an errand for no more than an hour and came home to find the crime scene and police everywhere.

On Monday afternoon, all of the suspects were charged with one count capital murder, with bond set at $750,000, and one count conspiracy to commit a crime felony, with bond set at $500,000.

The suspects, all from Horn Lake, are 18-year-old Michael Delong, 17-year-old Rodrick Gilliam, 16-year-old James Banis and 15-year-old James Kirkwood.

The murder has residents of the Twin Lakes neighborhood on edge, but Chief Whaley says there’s nothing for most people to worry about.

”Most people don’t have any cause for concern over this," he said.

He said his investigation points to someone who was looking for trouble, and found it.

Whaley hinted this murder could lead to many more arrests, since drug sales were involved in the murder.