Gun Expert: Shooting Shoplifter Was Wrong

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(Memphis) A South Memphis convenience store worker made an appearance in court Monday, accused of shooting a shoplifter in the leg.

Walid Al Kabsh faces aggravated assault charges.

His story has a lot of you talking and asking if he should have even been charged at all.

A lot of people are saying that shoplifting is wrong and the shooter was just protecting his store, but gun experts say what Kabsh did was wrong.

“My reaction is that it is inappropriate use of force,” said Chris Fowler, the training director at Top Brass Sports and a Mason police officer.

Fowler knows the law and knows you can't use deadly force to defend property in the State of Tennessee.

“If he had a Tennessee handgun permit, he was told not to engage in this manner with a firearm.”

Fowler is talking about Kabsh, who police say shot a man shoplifting in his store.

His co-workers at the King of Discount Food Mart say the victim, Raynell Williams, has been in the shop countless times stealing stuff and Friday was told to leave after pocketing milk, but came back acting irate, snatching chips off a rack.

“I grabbed him when he ran toward (Kabsh) and then I heard a shot,” said worker Ronald Parker.

Police say Kabsh shot Williams in the leg.

“If I’m fighting for self-preservation that's one thing but I can't shoot you for shoplifting,” said Fowler. “I cannot use that force. I can't do it.”

Fowler says if someone breaks into your home, however, you can shoot to kill because the presumption is that you're defending your life.

“He got nervous. That's what he told me,” said co-worker David Azizlodowdi. “He wasn't trying to do that.”

Workers say Walid was afraid of Williams, who stands 6'2" and was allegedly acting out of control.

“If you would have been here and seen how it went, he mainly was scared,” said Parker.

Despite being scared, Fowler believes the better option for Kabsh would have been to call the police.

Police have yet to charge Williams with shoplifting.

Kabsh is out of jail on bond. His next court date is September 9th