Pregnant Woman Shot, Apartment Owner Plans To Clean Out Crime

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Harvard Stephens shook his head as he looked over the apartment complex he's owned for two years.

There's work to be done, he says, but more than repaving the driveway or painting the building.

"We've evicted a lot of people," Stephens said. "We've evicted three or four people within the past month who appeared to be involved in drug activity."

Stephens says his business, ACN Enterprises, has bought troubled apartment complexes in Texas and Alabama and managed to push criminals out so law-abiding tenants can feel safe.

He hopes to do the same at the Whispering Pines apartments off Airways.

An entire side of a building has already been cleared out of people buying and selling drugs.

"In addition to that, we've had very heavy security who've arrested a number of people and taken them downtown, who don't live here," Stephens said.

Memphis police Lieutenant Colonel D. L. Sheffield said Friday's shooting apparently began with an argument at a nearby grocery store.

"One of the males left the area running back toward the apartments over here, the other male began to fire shots into females walking toward the apartments also. One of the females was hit."