Payroll Problems At SCS

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(Memphis) More payroll problems at Shelby County Schools.

Dozens of employees were told they'll have to wait until Monday to get paychecks they were supposed to get today.

“I believe this is completely illegal and I'm furious,” teacher Julie Johnson said.

“It’s aggravating. Very aggravating,” teacher Jill Carson added.

These teachers woke up Friday expecting to be paid.

That didn't happen.

“I would understand if I was a brand new teacher and it’s first time in the system, but I'm in the system forever," Carson said, who has been in the SCS for more than 20 years.

Friday afternoon, dozens of employees showed up at the district office looking for their checks and answers.

“I've been with Shelby County for 15 years and I’m a legacy SCS employee. I was told to come to the board and they would take care of me, but when I got to the board they told me they could not cut me a check today and I would have to come back on Monday at 3:30 to receive a check,” Johnson said.

Some were told they had to wait until Monday to be paid.

“I was supposed to have been mailed a check, it just take patience,” teacher Rodney Ballard said.

Others were able to leave the district office with a check in hand.

“I do have my check and I’m happy. They were able to fix everything,” one teacher said leaving the building.

The district said out of 16,000 employees, less than 150 were affected by the payroll mess.

Some employees like Alethea Henry never even knew there was a problem.

“I’m okay. A-OK,” Henry said.

For others, these problems are just added concerns.

“I’m just really discouraged,” Carson said. "It’s like everything has gone haywire.”

The district said they were a variety of things that caused the problems today.

One of the problems was that the district mailed several pay checks on Thursday, so they didn’t make it in the mail by Friday.