Memphis Man Works To Train Young Males

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(Memphis) A Memphis man wants to help put young black men to work through his Black Men in the Mirror Foundation.

Joel Carter wants to train men to work for themselves.

“They don’t have to do crime, rob, steal and kill because there are jobs here. Painting, drywall, hardwood floors, roofing, landscaping, the whole nine yards,” said Carter.

“When young men are in poverty they are easily drawn to anything just to fit in,” Carter added.

He also said training men to work will help keep them away from crime to support their families.

Kenneth Chalmers said it took him about a year to train and then get his license.

He now works on his own and said that is a good option for those with criminal records.

“It’s hard for them to get employed, a lot of companies turn them down so it’s best for them to get out on their own,” said Chalmers.

Now Carter is looking for companies or homeowners to hire the men he has trained for free through his organization.

“I need the businesses to give the young guys an opportunity, I know not everybody works out on a job but they just need an opportunity,” added Carter.

For more information on how you can become involved in Black Men in the Mirror Foundation, call 901-690-3458.