Elderly Woman Nearly Crushed By Rotten Tree

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(Memphis) An elderly woman is recovering at the Med after being nearly crushed by a rotten tree in her North Memphis home.

Late Wednesday night, the giant old tree split into three and collapsed on three homes on North Merton.

“It sounded like a popping noise, 'pop pop pop,' and then 'boom,'” said Walter Rankins, who lives in one of the homes.

Rankins sprang from his room and rushed to his next door neighbor's house, hoping to warn them.

Before Rankins could make it next door, the tumbling tree smacked him in the side.

“I was in a daze when the tree hit me. I thought I was a goner,” said Rankins.

Rankins crawled through the rubble and made it inside his elderly neighbor’s home, only to see the giant tree pinning his 80-something-year-old neighbor in her bed.

“We had to pull those limbs back to be able to see her. We couldn't see her. The tree was on her but she was conscious. She kept saying ‘get that tree off of me, help me, help me,” recalled Rankins.

Rankins and his neighbor’s son tried to move the splintered tree, but it was too big.

They called paramedics.

“They came in with saws and jacks, and jacked the tree up off her,” said Rankins.

The elderly woman was rushed to the Med.

Now, Rankins is praying for his neighbor, thankful he wasn't seriously hurt and sharing a valuable lesson about rotten trees.

“Everything that looks alright, isn't always alright,” said Rankins.

According to Rankins, the three homes are still livable.