Police: Teen Made “Terrorist Threats”

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(Marshall County, MS) Deputies rushed to a trailer park on Cayce Road after getting one call after another Wednesday from an angry young male saying he was holding hostages, and had a gun and bomb.

The caller said if any deputy tried to come near him, he'd blow up hostages and the Marshall County Sheriff's Office.

“He told dispatchers one of the officers arrested his brother and he was trying to retaliate against the sheriff's office”, said Major Kelly McMillen of the Marshall County Sheriff’s office.

Police used cell towers to ping where the calls were coming from, and got an address.

Authorities searched the area for hours, just as people who live nearby were getting off work.

Mitch Wright and his neighbors lined the road while bomb sniffing dogs and investigators tried to make sure it was safe.

“I don't think it's no bomb, but there's a lot of stupid people back there, for real”, said Wright.

Investigators found the trailer with multiple cellphones and some teens inside.

They called mom home from work, and finally a 13-year old boy confessed to making the call but having no weapons.

He's being charged with making a terrorist threat against law enforcement.

“I hate it for this family but I'm glad we had that closure”, said McMillen. “Look at the resources that have been here all day.”