Robber’s Getaway Car Breaks Down

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(Memphis) Police say he's a robber who didn't get very far because his getaway car broke down.

Marquel Stewart is in jail for reportedly holding up a man at an ATM and stealing his car, but police say Stewart picked the wrong victim.

It wasn't that the victim fought back, but that his car went kaput.

It happened on Third Street near Mitchell after police say Stewart pointed a gun at the victim as he withdrew cash from the ATM.

Police say the victim had only withdrawn $20, so Stewart told him to take another 20 bucks from the ATM and when the victim did that, Stewart allegedly took that money and jumped in the victim's car and drove away.

Police say he didn't get very far before the stolen car died and no matter how he tried, Stewart couldn't get it going again.

“That's what he deserves,” said Chris Jennings, who came to the same ATM to withdraw some money.

Police say Stewart tried to run on foot, but a witness saw him duck into the woods so it didn't take long for a police K-9 to sniff him out Sunday and put him in jail.

“That’s really what he deserves because people work too hard for their money nowadays to have someone just come along and take it,” said Jennings.

Stewart is charged with aggravated robbery and being held on a $40,000 bond.