Memphis Couple Victims In Deadly Las Vegas Fire

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(Memphis) When Las Vegas firefighters got to the engulfed home, they said it was already too late.

The house had been burning for a while and was already caving in.

Inside, a husband and wife, Chester and Aline Nunnally who were visiting from Memphis.

"We are devastated," said Charles Collins, Aline Nunnally's brother.

He says the couple had visited their friends, Peggy and Warren Brown's home in Vegas several times and were there on vacation.

He is still waiting to hear how the fire started, but has been told Mrs. Brown woke up to smoke Thursday night.

"She yelled to Aline and said the house is on fire! Go get Chester and she went back to get him is the way we heard it and neither one of them made it out," said Collins.

The Browns were burned but escaped, while their visiting friends from Memphis didn't.

"They thought that the visitors were following them out of the house, but when they got outside, they weren't behind them. So they started yelling that the people are still inside the house, this whole neighborhood was inundated with smoke, it was like a fog," said Tim Szymanski with the Las Vegas Fire and Rescue.

Authorities were holding off identifying Aline Nunnnally, but her brother knows his sister, who loved to travel, is now gone.

"She was excited and he was too because he doesn't really go that much, but he was pumped and prepared and ready to go," said Collins.

The Las Vegas Fire Department says  the fire in the upscale neighborhood with half a million dollar homes was massive, making it hard to find the bodies.

It may be weeks before they know how it started.

"It appears to me. This is just me talking, it smouldered for a while and once it broke it was just like an explosion and the way it's raging on the internet, they didn't stand a chance to get out." says Collins.

The Nunnallys were married 21 years.

Mr. Nunnally retired from MATA and Mrs. Nunnally retired from Memphis City Schools.

They lived in Whitehaven.

The family says once the bodies are brought back to Memphis, they plan to hold a joint funeral service.