Hot Wing Restaurant Robbed By Fake Health Inspectors

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(MEMPHIS) Abdul Bah was focused on preparing for the dinner rush when a surprise visitor walked into the wing & fish restaurant where he works.

“They said they're from the health department and they wanted to check the place out”, said Bah.

A couple was caught on tape giving a surprise health inspection. They are seen on camera for almost 20 minutes. The woman reportedly was looking over the fish, checking the cleanliness, even wanting a free sample of the food.

“We never seen nothing like this and we’ve been here 23 years”, said Bah.

The so-called inspector took a manager in the bathroom. She was reportedly angry they had antibacterial soap instead of hand sanitizer.

The argument gave her partner just enough time to reach over the counter to grab cash and a workers purse.

“He had the purse in his hand, we asked him what was in his hand and he ran”, said Bah.

The workers chased after them, with no luck.  They called police and shared the video with us hoping you'll take a good long look and help catch the so-called inspectors before they prey on someone else