SCS Cite Lunch Food ‘Mix-Up’ In Bartlett

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(Bartlett, TN) Bus route problems aren’t the only headache for Shelby County administrators.

Another problem involving school lunches has a county commissioner up in arms.

With children going hungry in Shelby County every day Shelby County Commissioner Chris Thomas was infuriated when he was told by two different lunchroom staffs that they were told to throw away excess food.

“They said can you take them to another school? I can't use them. They said no I can't take them back, you'll just have to throw them away at the end of the week if you don't use them,” said Thomas.

Nutritional staffs in Bartlett claim last year they had a little more control in what they ordered, but this year someone at Shelby County’s central office decides it all.

This week Thomas is visiting Bartlett schools to see how things are running, and he doesn't like what he sees after the merger.

“They said they could do it, well they need to do it and get this under control and not just act like it’s a minor deal because it’s major,” said Thomas.

Tuesday Thomas went to Bartlett High and Elementary, Appling Middle, and Oak Elementary.

He says he was hearing the same complaints from lunch staff at each school.

“Not getting food they ordered, getting food they didn't order, too much food they didn't order, orders lost they had placed in May,” said Thomas.

Thomas says he's not aware of any issues with students not getting their food, but he says in some cases they get the wrong food or the lunch staff has to scramble to make sure they get their food on time.

The school district says they are not ordering any extra food to be thrown away, and there was a mix-up in Bartlett at the beginning of the week but it has been sorted out.

Thomas says the lunchrooms are understaffed which is making those mix ups even worse.