Cookie Store Owner Cited For Firing Gun At Thieves

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(Memphis) WREG-TV has learned the shots fired on the parking lot near the mall’s entrance were fired by one of the mall’s tenants.

The shooting happened after three men robbed a cookie store inside the mall.

Police are still looking for the suspects and we found out the business owner who was the victim may also be heading to court for his actions.

The signs on the doors of Southland Mall warn no guns allowed inside.

That includes everyone, even tenants who lease space in the mall.

Still, the owner of a cookie store inside the mall brought one to work anyway and used it.

“Bringing a gun and then pulling it out in front of a bunch of people that's setting a bad example for your company,” said Phil Ross of Memphis.

The police report says three guys grabbed $45 out of the cash register.

They reportedly never produced a gun, but according to the police report, the store owner did.

He chased the suspects out of the mall and into the parking lot where he fired three shots with his 9mm.

There were no injuries.

“It could have been a smarter way for it but I guess it's just a quick reaction based on his instincts and all that. You getting away with my stuff that I worked for and you trying to take it and think I'm not fixing to do nothing about it,” said Ross.

The mall has 13 security guards and Memphis Police Department’s South Precinct is nearby to assist.

Since a shooting in 2010 where a mall security guard was killed, the mall has been working to build its reputation as a safe place to shop.

The mall makes it clear with markings on its doors that no guns are allowed, and even security guards don’t carry guns.

This means after what happened yesterday, the cookie store owner might be looking for a new location to operate.

“He could have hit anybody. There are a lot of kids out here in this area, especially around this time at that mall,” said Joshua Nunley of Memphis.

Mall management isn’t commenting on whether the store owner will be allowed to keep his lease.

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