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Man Arrested For Breaking Into Homes, Licking Woman’s Feet

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(Memphis) Memphis Police say a burglar with a fetish for feet was arrested after he broke into several homes in the same Whitehaven neighborhood.

Robert Miles, 24, has been charged with six counts of burglary, attempted burglary, burglary of a motor vehicle, and photographing a person without their consent.

Police say between June 27 and August 6 Miles broke into several homes.

They say at one of the homes he licked one woman's feet while she was sleeping and recorded it on his cell phone.

The victim, who didn't want to identified, said she woke up and saw Miles at the end of her bed touching her feet.

"It’s very creepy. I’ve been weirded out for the last couple of day. It’s not nice to know somebody was in your home uninvited," said the woman.

Miles was arrested Tuesday after someone saw him break into a car in the 500 block of Berta and try to break into the house next door.

Police said when they got to the house they saw Miles hiding behind a car in the car port.

They said he had seven latex gloves, a butcher knife and a pick style meat thermometer.

He also had his cell phone with pictures and video of the woman's feet.

Police said Tuesday Miles also broke into a home in the 4900 block of Applestone and took at TV and tried to take the covers off a woman while she was sleeping.

Miles is being held on $60,000 bond.