Four MPD Officers Off The Job

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(Memphis) Four Memphis Police officers are relieved of duty pending two separate investigations.

“That's a lot of trouble for one day,” Memphis resident Pat Spence said.

News Channel 3 has learned two of the officers got in a fight at work at the Mount Moriah precinct.

One lieutenant apparently grabbed another officer by the arm.

“I don't consider that committing a crime,” Memphis resident Andrea Nathaniel said.

The officer who was grabbed thinks it was, and filed a complaint.

“I mean that is physical contact. I can see why that bring might bring some wrath from the policeman,” he said.

The other two officers under investigation were involved in an overnight incident.

We are told someone saw the two officers arrive at a car lot on Covington Pike after hours.

The two officers were changing out tires on one of the officers cars in the lot.

The Memphis Police Association said since it was questionable, the officers are relieved of duty until it is all sorted out.

No criminal charges have been filed against the officers

“It’s kind of interesting to say the least,” Spence said.

It’s also worrisome to others, because while the officers are investigated, that’s four less officers fighting crime.

“That’s scary. I think we need as many police officers on the street as we can get as bad as the world is today,” Nathaniel said.

“That worries me. I just think we need the officers here to protect the city,” Memphis resident Sylvester Smith said.

The officers’ names have not been released.