Deputies Bust Cockfighting Ring, Seize Illegal Drugs

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(Myrtle, MS) U.S. Marshals are now assisting deputies in Union County Mississippi in the search for an armed and dangerous suspect.

Oscar Rodriguez reportedly assaulted a sheriff's deputy Friday night at a mobile home in Myrtle, Miss.

Deputies were responding to a call of shots fired when the assault happened.

They recovered weapons, drugs and an illegal cockfighting ring.

"We knew something was going on...we just didn't know what."

A woman who did not want her face shown or her name revealed said there's been problems before at a mobile home off County Road 67, close to where she lives.

"There was cars in and out, day and night. Women...a lot of women. They had a lot of parties."

That all came to a head Friday night when Union Count deputies responded to a disturbance call.

The woman down the road said she knew something bad was happening,

"Heard a few gunshots and seen the lights and the officers pull up."

Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards said deputies arrested one man and went to the back of the property looking for a gun and drugs.

"And that's when they encountered Oscar Rodriguez. And he had in his possession some cocaine and some meth and some marijuana."

Sheriff Edwards says Oscar Rodriguez hit and kicked a deputy, then ran away, armed.

Lawmen then discovered evidence of an illegal cockfighting ring operating behind the mobile home.

The concerned neighbor didn't seemed surprised,

"Oh yeah, everybody knows they do cockfights there."

More than two dozen roosters, hens and baby chickens were found in a cockfighting arena.

They were removed by the Tupelo-Lee Humane Shelter.

Deputies also recovered more illegal drugs and a muscle enhancer used to strengthen roosters for fighting.

Sheriff Edwards said Rodriguez is considered armed and dangerous and is no stranger to Union County lawmen.

"I think he's had some felony charges maybe in Indiana, but he's been arrested here for misdemeanor DUI and things of that nature. But we have obtained arrest warrants for him."

If you can help find Oscar Rodriguez, call the Union County Sheriff's Department.