Yard Help Eases Worries For 81-Year-Old Orange Mound Resident

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(Memphis) Cassie Cannon sat on his porch waving at cars driving down Fizer.

On Monday, he was a man with a problem: get his overgrown yard cut, or face fines for not following city code.

He is physically unable to do the work.

" I've been trying to get somebody out here to see about the grass," he said.

And now he has.

A group of ex-cons working for Lifeline to Success hacked, trimmed and mowed through the overgrown backyard, bringing his Orange Mound home up to code.

It ends his problems with the city for now and the rest of the summer, because the group will keep coming back.

"You know how I feel, you know how I feel," Cannon said. "I feel good."

The volunteer group got the jump on friends Dennis Hunt and Kevin Johnson, who came by an hour later ready to mow.

"Well, I was looking on Channel 3 news and saw that an 81-year old-man needed his lawn cut," Johnson said.

He called Hunt.

"He asked me could I come look at the yard for him and if I can do it would I take care of it. I was like cool, yeah I will," Hunt said.

Other people who saw our story drove by the house this morning ready to help, but too late.

One man stopped and gave Cannon $100.

Hunt and Johnson were glad other people were willing to help, too.

"That's wonderful to me," Hunt said. "I mean, that let me know there is still people that cares. Any time you got love in the world, you all right."

Johnson agreed, saying, "My grandmama taught me that to help people and do right and good things should come to you."