Police And Community Come Together For National Night Out

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(Memphis) Porch lights were turned on across Memphis Tuesday night as thousands all across the city took part in National Night Out Events.

Memphis’ top cop was busy Tuesday night making the rounds at the various block parties.

”So often my report card is number and statistics so its good to hear from citizens,” Police Director Toney Armstrong said.

Armstrong met with the people his department protects and sent a strong message that he depends on their help in keeping them and their neighbors safe.

”You know their behavior. You know when they go to work and when they go home. You know who belongs there who doesn’t belong there,” he said. “We say all the time a nosy neighbor is a good neighbor so we encourage people to be a nosy neighbor.”

JoAnn Hill is a self proclaimed nosy neighbor.

"I am nosy. I peep out the window. I peep out the door. I say things to kids,” Hill said.

She never knew her neighbors until last year, but says becoming more involved has added an extra level of security.

“One of them will say 'JoAnn, look out your neighbor and see who that is.' So it’s great for the neighbors to come out."

That’s what tonight is all about, preventing crime by promoting neighborhood unity, and having a little family fun along the way.

“You all know more about what’s going on than the police department. We need your help,” Mayor A C Wharton told a crowd. “They cannot do anymore than you help them do.”

Quincey Morris understands that, which is why she not only knows her neighbors, but she has also set up a phone system to keep her North Memphis neighborhood informed.

“The more we are involved in the community the more we can control our destiny,” she said.

According to statistics from The Pew Research Center only 43 percent of adults know their neighbors.

So if you didn’t meet them Tuesday night, you may want to go say hi.

They just might be the eyes and ears that keep you from being a victim of crime.