Council Member Claims MLGW Is Invading Privacy Despite Law

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(Memphis) Memphis City Councilwoman Janis Fullilove is furious News Channel 3 was able to obtain her electric bills without her knowing about it.

“For you to have given that information to a reporter and for them to put it on TV for everybody to see. It didn't matter how much money I owed because I still owe it,” said Fullilove.

Fullilove is one of the most outspoken opponents of MLGW's move to smart meters.

She even had one put on her house to see how they work, and told everyone she had it taken off because it made her bill go up $100 every month.

News Channel 3 looked into her claims and told you in June ago she lied about the increase.

Tennessee state law says since MLGW is a public company, bills are available to the public.

“The concept is that if you are in the public and you get your compensation from the public, the public has a right to know,” said MLGW’s attorney, Cheryl Patterson.

Even though the law is the same for everyone across the state, Fullilove claims she is being targeted by MLGW.

“Was this strictly because of my position against smart meetings? I think it was retaliation,” said Fullilove.

MLGW says retaliation has nothing to do with it, but Fullilove wants MLGW to change its policy to require the utility company to notify her or anyone else whose information is requested.