Student Charged With Killing Principal Back In Court

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(Memphis) A former teen student charged with killing his high school principal sat in a Shelby County criminal courtroom Monday.

Eduardo Marmolejo, now 18, is accused of murdering Suzette York, the principal of Memphis Junior Academy, two years ago.

A hearing was held Monday so that attorneys could tell the judge if any progress was being made in the case.

"Progress means discussions are still going on as to how this case should be handled," Leslie Balin said. "Beyond that, I can't say much."

"There may very well be some progress," Reginald Henderson said. "I know what we've discussed with regard to the case and what the options are."

Prosecutors say the then 16-year old Marmolejo stabbed York several times.

She was found dead in a classroom.

He told police he was angry with York, and court documents show he confessed he had planned the murder.

The case appears headed for court now that doctors say Marmolejo is competent and sane to stand trial.

"So at this point, we don't have a defense of sanity or insanity and there are no issue of competency," Balin said. "That is he is competent to face the charges."

"Mr. Balin knows what the options are if it comes to that," Henderson said. "We are more than ready to have a trial."

This case is also being watched closely because Marmolejo is being tried as an adult, so this case isn't being handled in juvenile court.

"This is murder one. I think that's appropriate," Henderson said. "We are in this jurisdiction and that's where we will work from."

"Tthere are ramifications, but beyond what the ramifications are to the individual I am representing, it just doesn't matter," Balin said.

No trial date has been set.