Mother Seeks Justice After Woman Hits Child With Car

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(MEMPHIS) 16-year-old Cheryl King is on a ventilator, but still holding on at the MED this weekend after she was run over by a car.

Her mother is speaking out against the woman behind the wheel who she said targeted her child.

“She stuck her head out the window and spit on my daughter," said Venita King.

Police arrested 21-year-old Kirstie Lewis saying the woman intentionally backed over the teen, repeatedly. Lewis is out on bond. We tracked her down and she swears it's all a misunderstanding.

“I feel her pain, the girl. She should have just stayed at home there wouldn't have been none of this,' said Lewis.

She said a friend of the teen is angry with her over another man. She said they're pointing the finger at her for what she says was simply an accident.

Ms. King said no matter the reason, there's no excuse for causing all this. She said her daughter is a good child who's now fighting for her life and forever scarred by the actions of an adult.

“How would you feel being a mother and someone ran over your kid on purpose?” said King.