Teen Uses Poker Game To Clean Out Woman’s Jewelry Box

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(Millington) A Shelby County mother says it's the last time she's ever hosting her son's poker game.

Deputies say one of the players, Joshua Sullins, was more interested in her jewelry than playing cards.

Investigators say 19-year old Sullins took thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry from his friend's mom.

Paula Bell, the woman who had her jewelry stolen, says the alleged thief was not just a family friend - she knew the teenager since he was born.

“I hate that he is going through this” said Bell. “I hate that we are going through this.”

Bell is going though the feelings of losing about $25,000 worth of jewelry. That's how much she estimates Sullins snatched from her bedroom.

He was a guest in her home on the Arlington-Millington line.

“I started noticing one-by-one things missing,” Bell said.

Shelby County deputies say the heist happened July 15th when she hosted her son's poker game.

Sullins was one of the five young men who came.

While others played cards, investigators say Sullins was taking chances pocketing Bell's priceless pieces.

“They are sentimental items," Bell said. "They are the stuff my dad gave me for my 16th birthday, my 18th birthday, my graduation, the only piece of jewelry left from my grandmother.”

“People are not to come in and say ‘Hey, these things are stolen,” said Saysana Sayadeath with Best Gold Buyers.

Deputies say Sullins sold some of the jewelry, bracelets and necklaces, to Best Gold Buyers on Stage Road.

But the owners say they lost money from the deal, since they're fully cooperating with the sheriff’s office.

“If you're stealing, you’re going to get caught."

Unfortunately, Bell says the shop only has five of her 16 missing pieces, and the ones recovered were damaged and chopped-up.

“I can't get back with my dad gave me," Bell said. "I can't get back what my grandmother gave me.”

The worst part about it, the damage was done by someone Bell welcomed into her home.

“I hate it. I hate that it happened," she said.

Sullins has been charged with two counts of theft, but is already bonded out of jail on a $3,000 bond.