Mississippi Trooper Killed

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(Senatobia, MS) Mississippi Highway Patrol Troopers circled in prayer Tuesday over a fallen comrade, whose death they now have to investigate.

Jarvis Leverson saw it all Tuesday morning at the corner of West Street and Highway Four, as a red 2006 Dodge Charger apparently turned in front of a motorcycle ”That car right there was trying to beat that motorcycle coming around and it smacked right into the air and came down”.

Sources at the scene confirmed the 47 year old trooper Eric Lentz likely died instantly, as witnesses called police to report what happened.

”We got a call about 11:12 and made the scene.” “What did you find?” “We found a two car accident, one car, the other vehicle a motorcycle” said Senatobia Police Chief Steve Holts.

State Troopers from across the district rushed to the scene to help Senatobia and Tate County investigators piece together the facts of the accident.

”We’re just gonna investigate, work the accident some and go from there” said Holts.

Officers held up a curtain of sheets to shield their friend until the coroner could pick up his body.

Neighbors say this is a dangerous intersection and that three people have died here in just the last few years.

Chief Holts believes this intersection is no more dangerous than others in town, but those who saw the accident say Senatobia must to something to keep this from happening again.

”People died right there.” “What do you think they ought to do about this?” “Put up a sign or light or something” said Leverson.

So far, police haven’t filed any charges against 21 year old William David Lentz of Senatobia, the the driver of the car. David Lentz and Eric Lentz are not related.

Investigators confiscated a cell phone at the scene and there's some suggestion the driver might have been texting at the time.

Lentz, a father of two from Senatobia, Joined the Highway Patrol in 1995, and worked for the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics from 2000-2012.

He Returned to highway patrol almost one year ago, in 2012 and was a member of the Masons.