Evicted Tenant Accused of Trying to Blow Up Former Landlord

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(Memphis) An evicted South Memphis Woman is behind bars and accused of trying to blow up her landlord because he wouldn’t let her into her old home.

46-year-old Dianne Carter faces aggravated assault and attempted arson charges. A mattress, clothes and furniture is tossed out like trash in front of the home on Adolphus. A notice on the door alerts whoever lived here is no longer welcome and they haven't been for weeks. But Memphis Police say Dianne Carter didn't care. She demanded the landlord and a repair man let her in Saturday. They told her she had to go.

“She kept saying that she had an oxygen tank and that she was going to blow it up,” said Sandra Smith who lives right next door at the duplex. Smith says she was on the front porch when Carter started making threats to blow up the house and the two men.

“She went down the street she got an oxygen tank, a portable oxygen tank,” recalled Smith.

Police say Carter also came back waving a lighter.

“I said ‘I'm over here too. She said, ‘I’m not going to hurt you,” said Smith.

Smith left the house. According to investigators, the evicted tenant stayed and taunted the landlord and repair man with the lighter and oxygen tank.

Smith says Carter and the landlord have been involved in an ongoing battle for weeks. The landlord kept telling Carter to get her stuff out of the house. She packed it up but just dumped it in the backyard.

Smith tells Channel 3, Carter would come back to the house every so often. That is until police say she was willing to demolish it because she didn't get her way.

“I didn`t think she was really going to do something. She was just drunk and high just staying stuff. I don't think she was going to do that for real,” said Smith.

The two men weren't sure if she was serious but they feared she might have been.

“Well, I can’t say for sure you never know with nobody,” said Smith.

According to police, when they showed up to the house to arrest Carter, she still had the oxygen tank and lighter.