Woman Accused of Intentionally Running Over Teen with a Car

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(Memphis) A teenager is fighting to stay alive at LeBonheur after getting crushed by a car in South Memphis. Police say it was no accident. 21-year-old Kirste Lewis is behind bars on aggravated assault charges.

“The car jumped over her, like right over her,” said Freddie Holland who saw the whole thing unfold from his front porch at McMillan and Gage. Holland says he heard the teen’s bones pop when Lewis rammed her car into the victim’s body.

Neighbors say, Lewis was actually trying to get away from a car that was chasing her when the teenager hopped out of that car, ran to the front of Lewis’ car and tried to stop it.

Holland says after Lewis hit the teen the first time, she backed up and ran over her again.

“It crushed her like a tomato, she was just like all crushed up,” said Holland.

Lewis then took off in her car with her family in tow, including her young daughter and niece. The mom drove around the corner to her dad's house.

“She was frantic, she was panicking. She didn`t need to be driving. I didn`t want my grandkids to get hurt,” said Kirste Lewis’ father, Darryl Lewis.

Lewis convinced his daughter to turn herself in. He doesn`t think his daughter should face charges because he believes she was defending herself. Lewis says his daughter and another woman who`s related to the teen victim have an ongoing drama.

“It would be a crying shame for that girl to lose her life or be handicapped just because she listed to some adults and they led her the wrong way,” said Lewis.

He prays the teen survives. Lewis also hopes his grandchildren who were in his daughter`s car will not be scarred by the crash.

“They are hysterical because she seen the lady with a gun and they saw what happened because the girl got ran over,” said Lewis.

Holland says it a scene that`s hard to forget. The whole drama unfolded just like a movie.

“That`s a terrible crime. That`s a terrible accident,” said Holland.

Lewis heads to court Monday. She remains in jail on a $50,000 bond.