What You Won’t Have To Pay Sales Tax On In Mississippi This Weekend

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(Horn Lake, MS) In a couple of weeks, most students in the Mid-South will be headed back to the classroom and that means parents will be spending a lot to get them ready for school.

This weekend, shoppers in Mississippi are getting a little bit of help from the state with a sales tax holiday.

Unlike Tennessee and Arkansas, the sale tax holiday in Mississippi only applies to clothing and shoes sales.

There is no sales tax on purchases of up to $100.

While the savings may not sound like a lot, shoppers we talked to are happy about the tax break and say every bit helps.

"With the economy and the way things have been it's an opportunity to get the best value for your dollars," said Thelma Hill.

The tax break does apply to internet sales if the purchases are made during the sales tax holiday weekend.

The sales tax holiday runs through Saturday.

For more information on the sales tax holiday, click here.