Laptop Or Tablet…What’s The Best Back To School Bargain?

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(Memphis) It's on a lot of lists and one of the biggest dilemmas for back to school shopping - laptop or tablet?

Bonnie Peterson told WREG, "My brother loves it, he has a tablet and he does everything with it, he writes his papers, it's his computer."

Unlike her brother, Peterson prefers just the opposite.

"I like my laptop and I don't think I would switch."

So, what's best for you?

We talked to Staples Easy Tech Expert Sam David to get the pros and cons.

Tablets are sleek, light and most of all, portable.

Shoppers should consider a few factors when searching for one, such as the size of the screen and the space on the tablet.

David says, "The main thing to look for is going to be, if you're planning on using it for school work, is blue tooth connectivity, so that way you can hook up blue tooth keyboard for writing up papers, blue tooth mouse for easier navigation."

However, don't forget those are additional accessories that come with an added cost.

David says when it comes to price and function, laptops are still your workhorse.

Plus, some have touch screens, bigger hard drives and better battery life.

"You'll have a nice processor in there that will be able to handle any multitasking. If they're going to be editing, or anything like that, resource heavy programs, the computer will be able to handle that work load," adds David.

No matter what you choose, do your homework ahead of time and consider what you'll be using the device for.  Compare prices in store and online, and make sure to ask for student discounts.

Back to School Shopping Tips:

  • Get a copy of the school's supply list, for college students make one.
  • Scour sales ads (they change weekly, most run Sat. through Sun.)
  • Take advantage of penny deals, know the rules.-You usually have to make a purchase up to a certain amount. So find something else, on sale that's on your list if it's worth it
  • Use coupons
  • Price match-Take a copy of the other ads with you. Don't waste gas and time going from store to store when you can get the same deal by price matching.
  • Recycle-Check to see what you already have.  Don't buy it just because it's that time of the year.
  • Stock up on essentials-Kids tend to go through supplies throughout the year.  If you find a good price on an item, buy a few extra that they can use when something runs out.  Plus, it's always nice to have a "home" supply.
  • Don't overspend-Set a budget, stick to the list.  Children outgrow clothes and shoes quickly, binders tear up.  There's no need to waste money on something you'll have to replace in a few months!
  • Research big ticket items-Do your homework ahead of time.  Don't wait until you get to the store to check on specs and prices for computers, etc.
  • Ask for student/military/teacher discounts