Proposed Shooting Range Has Abbeville, MS Residents “Up In Arms”

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(Abbeville, MS) Neighbors are "up in arms" over a proposed shooting range is in Abbeville, Miss., north of Oxford.

The range would be on the site of TGC Outdoors on Highway 7, a business that sells all types of firearms and hunting gear, and already discharges firearms for safety classes and customers.

TGC has gotten the approval of the Lafayette County Planning Commission, but the matter still has to be presented to County Board of Supervisors for their approval.

Meantime, people who live near TGC Outdoors say they are against the plan.

In a matter of seconds, Joshua Gregory squeezes off three rounds with an AR-15 assault  rifle.

The sound echoed through the woods off Highway 7 in Abbeville, Mississippi.

The six acres are home to Gregory's business, TGC Outdoors,

"We specialize in the tactical side, in your AR-15s, AK-47s, long-range rifles, handguns. We also sell hunting rifles."

Currently, Gregory uses a sloped, tree-lined part of his property,  that resembles a bowl, as a shooting area to demonstrate merchandise to potential buyers.

But since he opened last October, he's wanted to build a full-scale shooting range to conduct training for carry and conceal permits and basic safety classes.

Gregory says it will be a members-only range at first, then possibly open to the public.

Neighbors like Charlie Murphy are opposed to the shooting range,

"The shooting range is going to be 300 feet from where we're standing."

Murphy is one of 30 residents who say the proposed shooting range is a bad idea and there's no way to escape the sound of gunfire now.

"If you're inside your house, it's very loud. You come outside your house and it's even more louder."

Gregory says if he gets the go-ahead, he'll build berms to help cut down on noise.

But Murphy's afraid some people will act dangerously and without concern for those living nearby.

"And then they start shooting across the road, or start shooting towards my home, or start shooting towards someone else's home."

Gregory says he's going to make sure that doesn't happen.

"I was raised by a Marine Colonel and safety was number one, firearm safety number one. And it's engrained in me and that's the way I run my business."

The Lafayette County Board of Supervisors will vote on the matter August 5th.

Joshua Gregory says he'll follow all NRA and EPA regulations if given permission to build the shooting range.