City Unions Fighting To Save Manpower And Services

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(Memphis) The search at Memphis city hall is on to find ways to save money.

The new budget calls for eliminating 300 employees to save more than $9 million.

This has two of the city’s two biggest unions fighting to save what they have.

Fire and police services are on the chopping block.

Director Toney Armstrong says next year Raines station, Mt. Moriah and Old Allen precincts could close.

Memphis Police Association President Mike Williams said, “I find it amazing that the citizens would have to suffer any with closing of fire stations or precincts."

Williams is afraid the city will suspend recruit classes and stop promotions for those already on the job.

He suggests a better idea for Mayor AC Wharton to save money is to cut funding to new projects.

“It's not the employees. It's not the fire stations. It's not the police stations. It's because the individuals that have been in office have continuously used our credit card to build stuff,” said Williams.

Memphis Firefighters Association President Thomas Malone, said, “I don't think this city is ready to see their fire service cut to a level that it's going to be cut.”

Malone wants to save jobs and keep more fire trucks and ambulances in service.

“We've already cut. We've cut this department 106 people. We've cut six or seven pieces of equipment out of service - that means they no longer exist, so I think we've done our share,” said Malone.

Malone wants more citizens to get involved. He said it was an outcry from citizens that helped save a fire station on Thomas that was scheduled to close, at least for a year.