Identity of Bank Robber Who Took His Life Released

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(Memphis)  Memphis Police say the man who robbed a Wells Fargo Bank Tuesday then took his own life was 51-year-old Marvin Amerson.

The robbery happened at 6445 Poplar Avenue.

Police say Amerson wore a beige jumpsuit for the robbery and used a gun.

Witnesses said Amerson jumped into a white SUV and took off.

When police caught up with him, he refused to surrender.

News Channel 3 talked to a few witnesses who captured different parts of the chaos on their cellphones.

Police say they tried to talk the bank robber into surrendering two different times during Tuesday’s chase, and two drivers caught both of these moments on video.

“They turned their loud speaker on louder and demanded he get out of the car and I heard shots,” said Fontaine Pearson, who was driving through the intersection when it all took place.

In cellphone video captured by Fontaine, you can barely hear the gun shots. You can also hear the police telling the bank robber to drop his gun.

“Put your gun down and get out of the vehicle!” said an officer.

Police say instead, Amerson chose to shoot himself.