Monday Starts With Rain, Lots Of It

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(Memphis) It's easy to look slick in a nice ride, except when you're stalled on the side of the road.

“I saw the water underneath that viaduct but I didn’t think it was that deep,” Eugene Stephenson said while sitting in his Corvette.

Stephenson was determined to make it home to Whitehaven Monday morning in the rain.

“It was pretty bad," he said.

He didn't make it past South Memphis when he decided to take on two feet of standing water under an over pass on Bellevue.

“It came halfway up the car," Stephenson said.

It wasn’t such a good idea.

“It stalled out and I had to push it out,"  he said. "Now I’m waiting on a tow truck.”

Tow truck companies say they got a quite a few phone calls Monday after the rain refused to let up. From rushing water in Midtown, to cars making waves on Whitten Road, to other drivers getting into the exact same problem as Stephenson.

Then there were those whose feet got the brunt of the storm.

“I was soaked,” said Nadirah Myers.

Myers had just gotten off work and and started her mile long trek home when she